Jan Deny

Born in Belgium, migrated to Canada residing in Ottawa playing in several bands as a keyboard player and owner of a recording studio in the late 80s then moved eventually to British Columbia in the mid 90s. In 2011 he became the founder of jazz band NOVA SOL in order to refuel his songwriting/performing passion. His background as a composer, performer and arranger/producer for over 40 years has made him versatile in many genres, recently and particularly in bossa nova/samba smooth jazz with a mix of R&B soul/funk. He continuously works on his own music as well as collaborating with others. The artists and musicians that work with him are carefully selected to give you the best performance and songwriting ability possible of some of the most memorable works.

                                                          JT Platt

A Louisiana native with a blues/jazz/soul/funk background, adds a great sound with his exceptional playing and extensive repertoire. JT is currently performing with me as a duo with great success during unprecedented times.

Vanessa Moodley
Adds a soulful / hip hop touch to the band. Click on her link for more info.

Paula Riganti
Brings the sazzy jazzy flavor in whatever format. Being from Argentina,
she performs many songs in French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Nina Haukka
Coming from a gospel background, she has the voice of conviction. R&B is her thing and she loves to show it.

Michael Wagler 

Michael has been with the band since 2012 and is a great addition when available. He is currently keeping busy in Vancouver's local music scene, playing in a wide variety of bands in the genres of mainstream / modern jazz,  folk,  alt rock, and swing.


One of the hardest working musician in Vancouver I know. Plays percussion with us when possible. Click on link for more info on Nick.

Josh Dubland

A versatile musician that has been performing in the Vancouver area for the past 15 years.  His drumming style has been described as energetic yet sensitive, providing groove oriented rhythms that are musically supportive.  Adept in a variety of musical styles including jazz, rock, latin, and classical, he has performed and recorded with a number of bands and also worked as a freelance musician.  Josh is an occasional drummer with Nova Sol.

 Phil Belanger

Phil graduated with a bachelor of music degree from UBC, and has since then kept busy as a drummer and percussionist - performing in just about every imaginable musical style - including work with the Vancouver Symphony and Opera Orchestras, CBC Radio, the Arts Club Theatre, numerous choirs recording sessions , and dozens of pop , jazz , and Latin groups such as Orquesta Goma Dura, Samabata, Shango Ashe, Alma Libre, Fantazea, Zazueira, Tom Arntzen, Karin Plato, Daryl Jahnke, and countless more. He has taught for over 30 years - both private and group lessons